1. jackosoft

    VU+ Clone Receiver Support Vu Duo clone v3.2 Firmware???

    Does openATV v6.5 work on an unmodified v3.2 Vu Duo v3.2 clone? I am aware I will need to flash via rs232 to allow large files to be flashed via usb Before i flash openATV i plan to flash the following files (Attached) Any more information would be a great help Thank you (I am a n00b to this scene)
  2. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build Open Blackhole 4.3 & Kodi 18 - the missing test images

    Open Blackhole 4.3 & Kodi 18 test - the missing images Evening all :beer10: When the BH team released the Kodi 18 test images those of us like me with mips machines were left out. Attached below are one off builds for Solo2, SoloSE & Duo2 with Kodi 18.6 Lelia ready to go. Notes...
  3. Ten Below

    BlackHole Image Release Black Hole 3.0.4 Download (All VU+ Models)

    Black Hole 3.0.4 What is new ? - Add Quad Picture in Picture support (Ultimo4K, Uno4K, Solo4K) - Update CrossEPG to support new Rytec xz compression XMLTV listings - Update CrossEPG to include latest Rytec Providers - Update OpenWebif to fix Grab and WebTV - Update Drivers (Ultimo4K, Uno4K...
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