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    Image Flashing Support Vu+ Solo 2 flashing problem

    Dear community, I'm trying to flash my vu+ solo 2 with the latest blackhole 3.0.4 but after the flash finish and the receiver restart it's blocked on the starting page the I tried and official image same problem. but when I put a backup I had "openatv" it works .... Anyone can help how to reset...
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    Image Flashing Support Vu+ solo 2 se, looking for a flash for box

    Hi, everybody. I'm new here & don't really know much about the vu+ series of boxes. My friend purchased a Vu+ solo 2 se box some months back but it had the kiddac build on it & tbh he didn't like it so decided to reflash it on wooshbuild v5. It failed a couple of times but finally managed to...
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