1. kossaikhen

    VU+ Receiver General Setup Questions Help, please

    Help, please When I changed the settings from 2160p30 to 1080 it did not solve the problem and when I changed it to 720 it was solved ... After that I set it back to 1080 for the channels to work well but some channels did not appear on full screen so I changed Pillarbox to Just Scale so that...
  2. A

    VU+ Receiver General Setup Questions OpenATV 6.2 requiring unknown password for ssh

    My receiver is a UNO4K SE, freshly flashed with OpenATV 6.2. I hadn't set an ssh password with the original firmware before flashing, so I could ssh in with username `root` and no password, but OpenATV asks me for one (i.e., it doesn't accept an empty password), whether I connect via telnet or...
  3. C

    Image Flashing Support Vu+ solo 2 se, looking for a flash for box

    Hi, everybody. I'm new here & don't really know much about the vu+ series of boxes. My friend purchased a Vu+ solo 2 se box some months back but it had the kiddac build on it & tbh he didn't like it so decided to reflash it on wooshbuild v5. It failed a couple of times but finally managed to...
  4. CcX85

    VU+ Receiver General Setup Questions Advice Kodi on E2 & Solo4K??

    Hey can I get people's opinion of Kodi on E2 Receivers and also if u have Solo4K how u find it on that devices too... Been using for over a year on minix devices and like to use builds to make it look good too but so far I've found the response slow.. If someone on Solo4K + Kodi 17 is all...
  5. CcX85

    Image Flashing Support Solo 4K Name Ur Fav UK Sat Build!

    Hey I've been playing around with my Solo 4K and what to get an idea as to what people are using for the Solo 4K and on similar devices. I've only looking at English speaking channels and those that work too (sly grr) Thanks for everyone that joins in....
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