1. S

    Picons Support Picon for streaming service

    Box: VU+ Duo 4K Image: VTI 14.0.2 (up-to-date) I added a new radio streaming service to my "/etc/enigma2/userbouquet.favourites.radio" file. STEP1: #SERVICE 4097:0:1:3E9:0:0:0:0:0:0:http%3a//happyhardcore-high.rautemusik.fm:RauteMusik.FM-HappyHardcore #DESCRIPTION RauteMusik.FM-HappyHardcore...
  2. CcX85

    Picons Support Help Plz - Not Displaying????

    Hey looking for some help plz.... I'm using the Wooshbuild v6 (openatv 6) with the Slyk Onyx Skin I'm trying to use gdpicon-400x240-FULL-set-15082016 which has 4 folders inside (here is how the folder structure is presented to me) (Pick either censored or uncensored) Picon (1393 PNG files)...
  3. Cliver

    Picons Support Picon size setting

    I have Duo2 running the VIX Custom Build. I'm trying to size my icons so that they fill the space allocated to the space allocated. I have searched the menus, this site and googled it but I'll be damned if I can find it. Can anyone tell me where to find the setting I need to do this please?
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