1. Gabriel2020

    Plugins Support Flashexpander plug-in and his dependencies

    Good evening to everyone, i would like to know if somebody here have experience with the flashexpander extension plug-in in OpenAtv, version 6.3. I have a Vu+ UNO 4K SE. Because of eventually internal memory issue ( getting too full beca of EPG and movies download) I’ve installed a external hdd...
  2. michaelpop84

    Plugins Support Openvpn update?

    Hi, I am using openpli on a solo2 . On I found that the latest release of openvpn is 2.3.12 (aug 2016), and that the version which installs by using the command opkg install openvpn is 2years old. Unfortunately, as enigma2 supports only ipkg and...
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