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    Skin Gallery skin anadol 1.4 by vuplus7

    skin anadol 1.4 by vuplus7
  2. Ten Below

    OE Alliance Image Skins VM HD V3.00 By Chabs

    VM HD V3.00 By Chabs (Chabs Da Great) Installation: Telnet command opkg update && opkg install -force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk OpenATV Menu... setup... software management... install local extension memory/tmp Press ok on the package press green to install Reboot Your Box. OpenVIX Menu >...
  3. CcX85

    Image Flashing Support Solo 4K Name Ur Fav UK Sat Build!

    Hey I've been playing around with my Solo 4K and what to get an idea as to what people are using for the Solo 4K and on similar devices. I've only looking at English speaking channels and those that work too (sly grr) Thanks for everyone that joins in....
  4. LandRocket

    LCD Support Which LCD is it?

    I think I'm finally losing my mind, so trying to work out if it's just old age or if the LCD Skins are different on a per-image basis? I haven't installed it for a while, but I'm sure that on BlackHole 3, the front LCD on my VU Solo 4K had them wonderful 4 icons at the top to show Dolby, 16:9...
  5. Ten Below

    OpenPLI Image Skins Real Madrid Skin Miring

    Real Madrid Skin Miring
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