solo 2

  1. E

    VU+ Clone Receiver Support Sunray VU Solo2

    Hi all, When i power on receiver, i got blank screen on TV and "No HD icon" on receiver. I try almost all latest images. With BH 2.1.3 receiver work for few minutes but then hang. If someone else has experience of issue like this then please kindly help me out.
  2. SeaLion

    Image Backup Support What is the Best Image for my STB?

    Hi guys, I've been using my old ET500 for a while, but I want to get back to the Solo, but I could do with a new look for it. I've tried Blackhole 2.1.3 and Openatv 4.2, so if anyone can suggest something fresh, I'd be very grateful. SeaLion (I think)
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