1. F

    Subtitle & Audio Support No Nordic subtitle on Animal Planet

    Hello. I'm just trying out English, because I'm not very good at the language. My problem is that there is no Nordic subtitle on Animal Planet anymore. I have tried newer blackhole img without any change. I use 2 pcs. vu + duo2, 1 pcs. vu + solo 2, all 3 with blackhole img and a dreambox 500...
  2. belkaid

    Subtitle & Audio Support problem with arabic subtitles on subsupport

    Hello everyone I have a problem with subsupport pluging it won't work with arabic langauge and it shows weird symbols I have a vu+ zero 4k and I had a vu+ solo and was working perfectly I tried different version of the pluging and in many different images now I'm using the OpenPli
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