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  1. R

    VU+ Receiver General Setup Questions Ultimo 4k after booting is locked in loop "start - crash ..."

    Greetings to everyone. Not quite sure this is the right section, but it all started from rebooting after installing the VPS plugin (adjusting start and stop times of recordings set with EPG, in case of changes of timetable). Prompted to restart the system, I did it, it went through rebooting...
  2. C

    VU+ Kodi Support Kodi 17.6 IPK

    Hi where can i get the ipk for Kodi 17.6 ? its 17.3 in my plugin feeds, wondering if i can install it manually ? Im running ipab on Vu+ ultimo 4k thanks
  3. Ten Below

    BlackHole Image Release Black Hole 3.0.6 Now Available

    Black Hole 3.0.6 What is new ? Completely re-written the BH EPG system. Added EPGImport support Added FreeSat, Netmed, ViaSat and Vermin EPG Updated Sky EPG Added options to Load-Save-Delete epg.dat Updated CrossEPG Fixed DVB Subtitles issue on some channels Swapped Buttons around in BH...
  4. frenske

    Dish Support Help setting up a V-box2 on Ultimo4K and BH3.03

    Need help setting up my trusted vbox with the ultimo 4k fbc sat tuner and BH 3.03. I used to run this setup on a DM8000 and it worked without any troubles. But i can't copy my dreambox (with PLI) settings to the ultimo 4k. Is there any one how knows how to set this up? Thnks in advance for any...
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