ultimo 4k

  1. C

    VU+ Kodi Support Kodi 17.6 IPK

    Hi where can i get the ipk for Kodi 17.6 ? its 17.3 in my plugin feeds, wondering if i can install it manually ? Im running ipab on Vu+ ultimo 4k thanks
  2. Ten Below

    BlackHole Image Release Black Hole 3.0.6 Now Available

    Black Hole 3.0.6 What is new ? Completely re-written the BH EPG system. Added EPGImport support Added FreeSat, Netmed, ViaSat and Vermin EPG Updated Sky EPG Added options to Load-Save-Delete epg.dat Updated CrossEPG Fixed DVB Subtitles issue on some channels Swapped Buttons around in BH...
  3. frenske

    Dish Support Help setting up a V-box2 on Ultimo4K and BH3.03

    Need help setting up my trusted vbox with the ultimo 4k fbc sat tuner and BH 3.03. I used to run this setup on a DM8000 and it worked without any troubles. But i can't copy my dreambox (with PLI) settings to the ultimo 4k. Is there any one how knows how to set this up? Thnks in advance for any...

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