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  1. SeaLion

    Image Backup Support What is the Best Image for my STB?

    Hi guys, I've been using my old ET500 for a while, but I want to get back to the Solo, but I could do with a new look for it. I've tried Blackhole 2.1.3 and Openatv 4.2, so if anyone can suggest something fresh, I'd be very grateful. SeaLion (I think)
  2. S

    Tuner Support Uno 4k DVB-S2 Tuner going bad? not necessarily.

    Symptom, very poor signal strength on Tuner A, (Tuner B was fine) , dropping out, on 12483v on Hellas Sat 39e (Diema sport 2 etc) . All other transponders were fine. Remedy, Disconnect all cabling, remove cover (4 screws and plastic catch on back) . Remove tuner module screw and reseat module 3...
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