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  1. Persen

    Tuner Support Run in to bit of a problem: Vu+ Turbo SE C/T2 Hybrid Tuner

    Hi. I have a Vu+ Uno 4K with the latest Black Hole 3.0.9.N on it and it does not support the new Vu+ Turbo SE C/T2 USB tuner and it does also look like that there will be absolutely no help from the side of the creators of Black Hole image to actually add the support of the new Turbo SE tuner...
  2. grog68

    VU+ Kodi Support KODI 17 on VU+ uno 4k

    I have tonight installed KODI 17 on my VU+ Uno 4k but when I try to play some videos via exodus for example there is no sound and when I exit Kodi and return to the TV picture I still get no sound until I turn to another channel. Running Open ATV 6 on the box. Any idea's what I've done wrong?
  3. Ten Below

    Black Hole VU+ Uno 4K Images OpenATV 5.3 VU+ Uno4K

    OpenATV 5.3 VU+ Uno4K :dlhere:
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