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    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenSpa 7.3.002 for VU+ Solo, Duo, Uno, Ultimo

    The latest OpenSPA unofficial build for now unsupported VU+ models. Softcam feed added VU+Solo build has been tested thanks to @Ctrl.Panel for your time. There are currently problems building for the Duo so this image will be added once resolved.
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    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.3 for testing

    OpenATV 6.3 Test Image Build Date: 07/10/18 Branch: nextp3 E2 Branch: DEV GStreamer: 1.15.0 Python: 2.7.15 Setup default language changed to English. Softcam feed added. Includes custom feeds containing the most popular forum addons. These images should be installed in flash. Mega Links HERE
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    Open BlackHole Image Release OpenBH 4.2 Now Available!

    OpenBH 4.2 Now Available Whats New: Updated to OE4.2 core The main packages and utilities have been updated: Gstreamer 1.14.3 Libc6 Openssh Busybox Samba Openssl Nfs Util Dropbear Bitbake Gcc 6.3.0 Memleak fix Based on OE-Core Roki Various OE-A Core updates Various Skin Updates from Mx10...
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    OpenHDF Image Discussion Open HDF 6.3 - Available for VU+ Duo, Solo, SoloSE, Zero.

    Open HDF 6.3 Available for VU+ Duo, Solo, SoloSE, Zero.
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