1. Ten Below

    VU+ Solo2 Backup Images OpenHDF 6.3 VU+solo2 by Ten Below

    OpenHDF 6.3 VU+solo2 by Ten Below Unofficial home build image with custom feeds configured for UK freesat with fullhd skin. Included Addons AutoBouqets E2 EPG Import EPG Search Enhanced Movie Center IMDB OpenWebif Service App Softcams CCcam 2.3.2 webinfo port: 16001 Oscam 11400 webinfo...
  2. Ten Below

    VU+ Plugins - System VU+Solo2 VFD Display Control

    VU+Solo2 VFD Display Control Originally Display Control by mega, credit to the author. Translated to English & repackaged. Tested on VTi & OpenPLI images.
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