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Satellite TV News First BBC One HD region starts testing on satellite

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Sep 9, 2014
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The first of BBC One’s new HD regions on satellite began testing on Wednesday.

BBC One South will join the first phase of HD rollout on Sky and Freesat, marking the beginning of the end of the red screen during regional programmes on BBC One HD.

The regional news service South Today is already HD ready having received an recent equipment upgrade.

When it goes live in early 2023, BBC One South will become the first new BBC One HD region to launch on satellite since 2013.

BBC One South HD will replace BBC One South SD and BBC One Oxford SD, with the regional news service covering an area stretching from Banbury in the north to the Isle of Wight in the south. The final Oxford news bulletin will air next week.

Last month, BBC Distribution Director Kieran Clifton
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Freeview will complete by April.

The rollout will see BBC One HD move to Sky and Freesat channel 101, replacing the SD regional service. SD-only viewers will be switched to a special “nightlight” service until early 2024 when the signal is turned off.

A help scheme to support elderly and vulnerable viewers with the transition to HD will launch in January.

BBC One HD regions are already broadcasting on Vermin Media and Sky Glass/Stream, as well as through the internet mode option of BT TV Pro boxes.

BBC One South HD
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