Satellite TV News The Premier League will be in the UK at BT and SLY UK


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Jul 3, 2015
The Premier League will be in the UK at BT and SLY UK

The process of selling UK broadcasting rights to the lucrative Premier League football has not yet been closed. The league operator has already announced that it has allocated 5 of the seven packages offered.

Direct transmissions from the Premier League will be in the 2019/20 to 2021/22 season for BT and SLY UK operators. BT Sport won Package A, while SLY Sport received B, C, D and E packages.

The value achieved at this stage of the sale is £ 4.446 billion, with several candidates interested in the remaining two packages.

Package A contains a total of 32 matches to be held on Saturday at 13:30 AM. Package B includes 32 games played on Saturday at 18:30. Package C brings 32 matches, of which 24 on Saturday at 15:00 and 8 on Saturday at 20:45. Package D offers 32 matches that will be played on Saturday at 17:30 and finally Pack E with 32 matches will bring 24 matches on Monday at 21:00 or Friday from 20:30 to 21:00 and 8 games on Saturday at 15:00.

Other F and G packages contain 20 matches. The rights to these packages have not been sold yet.