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    VU+Solo2 Clone Sunray Images Black Hole 3.0.5 H (Sunray Solo2, Meelo Se & Original VU+ Solo2)

    Black Hole 3.0.5 H with Kodi (for Sunray Solo2, Meelo SE & Original VU+ Solo2 only) Source Date: 02/03/18 Kernel: 3.13.5 Drivers: 20/02/18 (patched) Online updating maybe possible. This image has the driver version patch and drivers write-protected. However, as BH isn't open-source, I...
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    BlackHole Image Release Black Hole 3.0.4 Download (All VU+ Models)

    Black Hole 3.0.4 What is new ? - Add Quad Picture in Picture support (Ultimo4K, Uno4K, Solo4K) - Update CrossEPG to support new Rytec xz compression XMLTV listings - Update CrossEPG to include latest Rytec Providers - Update OpenWebif to fix Grab and WebTV - Update Drivers (Ultimo4K, Uno4K...
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    Black Hole Image Tutorials HOWTO Wireless LAN Setup BlackHole images

    HOWTO Wireless LAN Setup BlackHole images Credit to Matrix10
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    VU+ Solo2 Backup Images Open BlackHole 0.6-009 - 17.10.2016 By Ten Below

    Open BlackHole 0.6-009 - 17.10.2016 By Ten Below As Requested By Donating Member @tigerwoods Whats Included? Open BlackHole 0.0.6 -009 (All updates applied to 17/10/2016) Settings Create your own using OE Alliance AutoBouquetsMaker Menu >Setup >Service Searching >AutoBouquetsMaker to set...
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    BlackHole Image Release BlackHole 3.0.2H Flash Files

    Black Hole 3.0.2.H What is new ? - Implement Menu Ordering - Support for new Matrix10 Skins This latest version of the Black Hole series has been entirely rewritten and improved in the code for maximum stability and performance. Please note that of all images Black Hole now has the best...
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    VU+ Clone Receiver Support Vu+ solo image for an old clone

    Hi all, I erased an old Vu+ clone Solo that I borrowed from a friend and successfully installed a Blackhole 1.6.6. (after a lot of failures to install newer images) I would like to put a newer image, but I have no success in booting up the receiver with newer images that I downloaded from the...