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  1. RosalieLopez

    Download Bootlogos How do I transfer just one installed addon from one Kodi to another?

    Hi I have an installed addon on one Kodi that its repository is dead. Is there any way I can transfer only this one installed addon to another Kodi? https://bestofkodiaddons.com/ Thanks!
  2. C

    VU+ Kodi Support Kodi 17.6 IPK

    Hi where can i get the ipk for Kodi 17.6 ? its 17.3 in my plugin feeds, wondering if i can install it manually ? Im running ipab on Vu+ ultimo 4k thanks
  3. CcX85

    VU+ Kodi Support Ares Wizard failed install?

    Hey I've got the custom openatv v6 all is good but after installing Kodi 17.3 and adding the sources for Ares all I get is failed to install... I've checked the link and it's working on android and Web, can I ask if I have to add it a certain way? Thanks.....
  4. grog68

    VU+ Kodi Support KODI 17 on VU+ uno 4k

    I have tonight installed KODI 17 on my VU+ Uno 4k but when I try to play some videos via exodus for example there is no sound and when I exit Kodi and return to the TV picture I still get no sound until I turn to another channel. Running Open ATV 6 on the box. Any idea's what I've done wrong?
  5. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.0 vuplus-images Custom Build

    OpenATV 6.0 vuplus-images Custom Build Updated 23/06/17 - Existing users may use online update. New builds attached below for first time users. Build Information OpenATV 6.0 build date: 23/06/17 All builds now use custom feeds Kodi 17.3 as standard to install for all supported models Kodi...
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