1. Ten Below

    VU+Solo2 Clone Sunray Images OpenATV 6.4 - Freesat UK Ready

    OpenATV 6.4 - Freesat UK Ready Suitable for both original & Sunray VU+Solo2 Please adjust tuner settings to match your own setup on first use Menu >Setup >Reception >Tuner Configuration Additional packages installed Freesat skin by Chabs with fix by dsayers Autobouqetsmaker EPG Import EPG...
  2. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.3 - SLY-Look (Updated Jan 2019)

    OpenATV 6.3 - Sky Look & Freesat Ready New Builds For All VU+ - 06/01/2019 Build Information GStreamer 1.15.0 Python 2.7.15 Softcam Feed New Slyk Q 1080 Skin Slyk Original Style 1080 Skin Working EPG Tabs AutoBouquetsMaker EPG Import (Configured for UK Sat) Builds have been minimised to...
  3. C

    VU+ Kodi Support Kodi 17.6 IPK

    Hi where can i get the ipk for Kodi 17.6 ? its 17.3 in my plugin feeds, wondering if i can install it manually ? Im running ipab on Vu+ ultimo 4k thanks
  4. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.3 for testing

    OpenATV 6.3 Test Image Build Date: 07/10/18 Branch: nextp3 E2 Branch: DEV GStreamer: 1.15.0 Python: 2.7.15 Setup default language changed to English. Softcam feed added. Includes custom feeds containing the most popular forum addons. These images should be installed in flash. Mega Links HERE
  5. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.2 Stable (Updated 22/08/2018 )

    OpenATV 6.2 Custom Build Updated 22/08/2018 Build Information OpenATV 6.2 (Stable) Build date: 22/08/2018 GStreamer 1.15.0 Kodi 17.6 in feeds for all supported models Softcam Feed Audio narrator is disabled First boot setup language now defaults to English. Included with this build...
  6. K

    VU+Solo2 Clone Sunray Images OpenATV 6.0 - Build 10/09/2017

    OpenATV 6.0 with Kodi 17.4 (for Sunray Solo2, Meelo SE & Original VU+ Solo2 only) Source Date: 10/09/17 Kernel: 3.13.5 Drivers: 22/08/17 (patched) If required, Kodi is available from plugin feeds. >> DOWNLOAD <<
  7. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.1 Custom Build (All VU+ Models)

    OpenATV 6.1 Custom Build Updated 04/03/2018 Build Information OpenATV 6.1 build date: 04/03/2018 GStreamer Kodi 17.6 in feeds for all supported models Sly/VM look skins in feeds Softcam Feed Extra items installed with this build SkyQ v2.0 skin AutoBouquetMaker AutoBouquets E2...
  8. grog68

    VU+ Receiver General Setup Questions ATV 6 Software Manager Backup Settings

    I have ATV 6 installed on my VU+ Uno 4K and when I try to do a 'backup settings' it fails saying files don't exist. files like /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/SpecialJump/keymap_user.xml and /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/TVSpielfilm/db I don't have the SpecialJump or...
  9. Ten Below

    Black Hole VU+ Uno 4K Images OpenATV 5.3 VU+ Uno4K

    OpenATV 5.3 VU+ Uno4K :dlhere:
  10. L

    Channel List Support Couple of Tuner Related Questions...

    Hi All, I have a couple of issues I can't seem to fix. 1. a couple of channels don't display when I zap to them, no sound also no picture. I've done an automatic scan, which would normally fix such issues, but still no go :( I have a legal viewing card for these channels (they are not premium)...
  11. K

    VU+Solo2 Clone Sunray Images OpenATV 5.2 Beta - 2016-03-05

    OpenATV 5.2 beta (for Sunray Solo2 and Original VU+ Solo2) Source Date: 05/03/2016 Kernel: 3.13.5 Drivers: 01/12/15 (patched) This image is still in early stages of beta testing so some things may not fully work. Online updating is possible. This image has the driver version patch and...
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