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    OpenVIX Update Announcements OpenViX 5.2 released!

    OpenViX 5.2 released! OpenViX 5.2 is based on the OE-Alliance v4.2 core. You cannot perform an online update if you are currently on OpenViX or older. You can download and then flash the new 5.2 image using Image Manager. You can still flash by USB if you prefer. You can restore...
  2. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenVIX 5.2 unofficial test image

    Basic builds with feeds for test. Only the default skin is preinstalled to maximise free flash space on first generation vu+ models. Build Date: 5th September 2018.
  3. K

    Networking Support is this to do with network oxoi50

    is this to do with network oxoi50 all the ch what do not work will have oxoi50 black screen with sound will have oxoi50 the ones what works 704,544,720x576i25.when i on one of the ch oxoi50 i restart my vu+duo openvix and the ch some times come on is they a fix can someone help please and tell...

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