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    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenPLi 5.0 experimental for test (All Models)

    OpenPLi 5.0 experimental builds for test (All Models) These images are based on OpenPLi master-next branch so not an official release. These are first builds for testing with working feeds which anyone can use but are aimed at UK users preconfigured for 28.2E up & running on this sat as...
  2. Ten Below

    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenVIX 4.2 with KODI 16.1 (Updated: 31/08/2016)

    OpenVIX 4.2 with KODI 16.1 preinstalled The latest vix image with Kodi 16.1 included for Solo2, SoloSE, Solo4K & Duo2. VU+ Duo2 VU+ Solo2 VU+ Solo4K VU+ SoloSE
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