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    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenATV 6.2 Stable (Updated 22/08/2018 )

    OpenATV 6.2 Custom Build Updated 22/08/2018 Build Information OpenATV 6.2 (Stable) Build date: 22/08/2018 GStreamer 1.15.0 Kodi 17.6 in feeds for all supported models Softcam Feed Audio narrator is disabled First boot setup language now defaults to English. Included with this build...
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    VU+ Receiver General Setup Questions Issues wirh SoftCams

    Hi there everyone. My VU + Solo2 isnt able to connect with any softcam with any image? Both wired and wireless connection works absolutely fine with everything else, just when it comes to softcams its an issue. I have tried most images, most softcams, installed from repos and manually and the...
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    Other Emulators CCcam to Ncam convert

    hope this help a few ppl ..... CCcam to Ncam convertor..... so you can check out ncam if required
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    Custom / Unofficial Build OpenDroid 6.4 - Configured For UK 28.2E

    OpenDroid 6.4 - Configured For UK 28.2E Updated 01/12/17 These images are flashed configured for UK satellite viewing After flashing you will see the video configuration wizard which after setting to suit your tv this image is up & running . The following options have been set as default for...
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