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    VU+Solo2 Clone Sunray Images OpenViX 5.2.026 - Sunray Solo2, Meelo SE & Original Solo2

    OpenViX 5.2.026 with Kodi (for Sunray Solo2, Meelo SE & Original VU+ Solo2 only) Source Date: 02/02/19 Kernel: 3.13.5 Drivers: 19/03/18 (patched) If required, Kodi is available from plugin feeds.
  2. Ten Below

    OpenVIX Update Announcements OpenViX 5.2 released!

    OpenViX 5.2 released! OpenViX 5.2 is based on the OE-Alliance v4.2 core. You cannot perform an online update if you are currently on OpenViX or older. You can download and then flash the new 5.2 image using Image Manager. You can still flash by USB if you prefer. You can restore...
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    VU+Solo2 Clone Sunray Images OpenVix 3.2 037 Backup with Kodi 15.2 and Sky/Vermin looking skin

    OpenVix 3.2 037 with Kodi 15.2 (for Sunray Solo2 or Original VU+ Solo2) Source Date: 22/02/16 Kernel: 3.13.5 Drivers: 01/12/15 (patched) INSTALLED: Kodi 15.2 AutoBouquetMaker DW Panel with Rat's Bouquets (now with regional channel support) Blue-HD Skin (Sky looking skin) Red-HD Skin (Vermin...
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