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  1. CcX85

    VU+ Kodi Support Ares Wizard failed install?

    Hey I've got the custom openatv v6 all is good but after installing Kodi 17.3 and adding the sources for Ares all I get is failed to install... I've checked the link and it's working on android and Web, can I ask if I have to add it a certain way? Thanks.....
  2. CcX85

    VU+ Receiver General Setup Questions Advice Kodi on E2 & Solo4K??

    Hey can I get people's opinion of Kodi on E2 Receivers and also if u have Solo4K how u find it on that devices too... Been using for over a year on minix devices and like to use builds to make it look good too but so far I've found the response slow.. If someone on Solo4K + Kodi 17 is all...
  3. CcX85

    Picons Support Help Plz - Not Displaying????

    Hey looking for some help plz.... I'm using the Wooshbuild v6 (openatv 6) with the Slyk Onyx Skin I'm trying to use gdpicon-400x240-FULL-set-15082016 which has 4 folders inside (here is how the folder structure is presented to me) (Pick either censored or uncensored) Picon (1393 PNG files)...
  4. CcX85

    VU+ Receiver General Setup Questions Vu+ Sole 4K first setup advice?

    Hey got my first receiver coming tomorrow and wanted to know what would be the best setup to get me going plz. Please bear in mind it will be running of a standard sky dish and LNB for the time being and I do have an active sky account with viewing card. Let's the games begin...
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