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VU+ Solo2 Backup Images Black Hole 2.1.6 Greek mod for Vu+ Solo 2


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Oct 13, 2014
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Thanks to Black Hole Team for very good stable image

What more installed ?

A) 4 very good panels Black Hole, New menu and TsPanel

B) SDG Vu+ image downloader

C) Greek Stream Tv thanks to athoik

D) GST_SUBTITLE_ENCODING added for you can use more more subtitle formats than UTF-8, big thanks to athoik

E) Cool tv guide

F) 3 cams Cccam 2.3.0, Mgcamd 1.38c and Oscam

G) Tsmedia plugin

H) TsKd plugin for the latest SoftCam file

I) XBMC (BH Team has include in new BH Image)

J) and many Greek plugins from Satdreamgr

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