VU+ Solo SE Backup Images BlackHole-3.0.9L-vusoloseV1&V2_BootVideo-Kodi-FullServer-Iptv-Levi45-FullBackup


I trieed to install your image in my VU+ SOLO SE V2 over the usb and whwn i was reboot i have just freez black hole first screen and my receiver is out now. I cant flash again because usb dont work on it anymore. I put my backup image on usb and plug into receiver but it doesn react on any usb anymore. thanks a lot


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Some reason only boots if you install orijinal blackhole image first, then install this backup image on top. Just now i have tried this way and boot fine i have attached pictures.
I had Opentr 7.2 image installed on my box
Then i have installed blackhole 3.0.9.c
Then installed this backup working fine
4.jpg 5.jpg

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