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Cyrus iSettings

After four years of the first plug-in written by mediaticom, we are pleased to introduce the all-new plug-in:

This plugin will allow access to all features and some exclusively (not even on the site cyrussettings. com) -Mono-Dual-Trial-Four-Five-Eight-Motor combined with DTT in Naples, Rome, Milan and Turin to download the plugin and install it with an FTP program copies the file to the dreambox in the TMP folder and remote control blue button 2 times, installation manual, OK, and answer yes, then restart E2 and you will find it in plugins for the automatic update to the plugin to voice AutoUpdate set to yes.

Credits Coder m43c0 & ftp21 Skinner: mmark CST Cyrus, vulcano5766 and Pinobj?rk



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