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Oct 27, 2014
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Found this on another site, thought anyone who is considering running Kodi on a dedicated device may find this useful.
There are always lots of questions on the facebook page regarding the best device for kodi.There is no best device,it all depends on your budget and whether you intend to use it solely for kodi.
the following is a list of suggested boxes with their specifications and related antutu scores(antutu is a testing system that tests all areas of the system for speed and then calculates an overall score)

price range

£25-40 mxq box a basic box that will run kodi fine as long as you switch off all the bells and whistles and are not interested in 1080p/4k ANTUTU score around 16000
£35 amazon fire tv stick basic,dual core system,runs kodi fine,plays 1080p no problem,no 4k output supported,apps such as kodi will have to be sideloaded ANTUTU score around 17000
£35-£60 m8,m8s m8s + the ideal machine for kodi good balance of speed and usabilty will run 1080p with no issues,4k dependent on box ANTUTU score around 35000-45000
£40-£60 m9,m9+ latest s905 chip,very energy efficient,these boxes are very stable and are not prone to overheating 1080p/4k no issues ANTUTU score 35000-45000
£60- £120 mad catz m.o.j.o box a great little box running the tegra 4 soc,comes with controller,will play anything you throw it at it 1080p/4k no issues ANTUTU score around 40000
£80 amazon fire tv box a massive upgrade to the fire stick,quad core and double the ram,very smooth with no system lag 1080p/4k no issues ANTUTU score around 50000-55000
£150 nvidia shield,shield pro very fast,will run even the most demanding builds with ease,can play console quality games,overkill if you only watch kodi on it ANTUTU score around 65000-70000

These are my opinions and as such are may find your box has a faster antutu result,these are my average results gained over years of using and fixing boxes and sticks etc

Now we come to the definitive answer to which is the best kodi device,the best kodi device for YOU is the one that you can afford,one that fulfills YOUR needs and that is most usable for you.

90% of these boxes come with shocking remotes so you will need to factor in the cost of a wireless keyboard/remote you can get decent combined ones for around £10

As to the issue of clone devices,they are all clones to some extent,someone selling a box they claim is genuine is no guarantee of quality,as always buyer beware and check the reviews of the seller and device,if something seems too cheap to be true there is usually a very good reason for that