VU+ Kodi Addons Exodus problem


Hi has anyone haver problems with Exodus and
The source s are not populating.
Getting error check logfiles

Thanks in advance


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I have just installed and used Exodus...

Here is a step by step guide on how to install it, might be a good idea to uninstall and install fresh, but a reinstall should suffice =

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Thanks Benny . I have tried that. I uninstalled Kodi deleted the folder on my hard drive . Still getting the same problem.
The Exodus add-on in the Vix extension has the same problems.
.. Time to try a new build


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No problem here...using Pulse build


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You are installing it from the TV Addon repository and not an alternative source?


I have now deleted it . I reinstalled the Vix build . updated it added Exodus only it just crashed I the used tvaddons config . nothing .
I will try a new build this weekend. Meanwhile android tv


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Same here using ultimo 4k atv6


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No idea what you guys might be doing wrong but Exodus is working fine for me on DUO2 SPA7.1 & Ultimo4K ATV6. Did have problems with check the log errors yesterday but after doing kodi maintenance and forcing a manual update to Exodus they went away.
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working good now I didn't do anything to it just rebooted the box


exodus needs kodi 17.1 to work on these boxes now for some reason had the issue and updating to kodi 17.1 solved it every time


Ten Below xxxxx.
You released a software update yesterday .
For the OpenVix image .
Well when I got in I checked to see if there was a software update for the black hole image.
There was . I checked to see what the update was and it said merge with OpenVIX
I did the update .
Kodi 17.0 Exodus working
For some reason if you allow tvaddons /Indigo ... To configurate Kodi it works better. But you get a few extra add one that you might not need .
Every thing is working now
Thank you toall your crew
Menu/setup/software update


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Most images will need python-sqlite3.
Some images also need python-json.
Insert into telnet:

opkg install python-sqlite3
opkg install python-json
and restart.
Install image
Install Kodi
add exodus repository from fusion.
Enable in system>>Add-ons>> Unknown sources
install Libraries Repository
(you have to install Libraries first Exodus repository>>Add-on repository, exit Kodi and start Kodi agn)
install exodus from exodus repository >> Video add-ons
install python-profile

telnet command:
opkg install python-profile

works for VU+ Zero 4K
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