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FritzCall Plugin

The FritzCall plugin shows calls that arrive on a FRITZ! Box Fon or go out of this, on your TV (*) In addition, it offers more features on!.:
Was the Dreambox is in standby optionally an abstract of calls to restart displayed.
Unknown numbers will try to resolve through various websites.
It has an internal phone book can be stored in the numbers found.
Phone number of the FRITZ! Box Fon can be read and used.
This phone phonebook can be edited.
The display can be restricted to specific my numbers
You will see a caller picture when a corresponding image (PNG with 256 colors) with the name or number of the caller in the <location of the telephone directory> / FritzCall Faces exists

*) To do this on a phone that is directly connected to the FRITZ! Box Fon episode # 96 * 5 * be entered and selected. Documentation and screenshots can be found here. Add to Gemini Images FritzCall is included for download. Otherwise find attached a tar-ball. Installation (preferably over an existing installation):
File play on the Dreambox to / tmp.
On the Dreambox then: "cd /; tar xvzf /tmp/FritzCall.tar.gz"
If not already installed, twisted-web and install python-html
Then restart Enigma.
In the configuration set necessarily the firmware version right!

The reverse search is controlled by the file reverselookup.xml in the plugin directory. Since this usually changes more often than the plugin, I ask them if needed, available separately. A new version needs to be copied into the plugin directory / usr / lib / enigma2 / python / Plugins / Extensions / FritzCall. The plugin should automatically detect a new version and read this again. The latest version I present the future available here.


The current version comes with (some) OE2 images at startup first decide on an error then a success message. Just ignore it.
In order to forestall any further questions then: No, it will not shift / pause the screen when a call is analogous give mute.
If you installed the Appendix, without a previously installed version of Feed the modules python-html must be python.textutils and twisted-web install it.

FritzCall_rev1232 - 19.09.2015





So, das mit den Anruflisten ist behoben.
Bzgl. des 500er Fehlers: Tja, ich schätze, die FBF blockiert Endgeräte
für einige Zeit bei Fehlverhalten. Mein Gerät auf dem ich das auch
hatte, funktioniert unverändert heute wieder...
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