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Media Discussion Has Doctor Who become unsuitable for children?

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Sep 21, 2014
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Do you still allow your children to watch Doctor Who - or is it too scary and on too late for young viewers?

This is a very simple Doctor Who-based question, with very simple rules.

Answer "yes" if you think Doctor Who HAS become unsuitable for children, answer "no" if you think it IS still suitable for children.

But before you do that, here's a bit of context...

Listen, the fourth episode in Doctor Who Series 8, was based on a nightmare where there is someone/something under your bed that grabs your feet. That is, admittedly, a terrifying concept for adults, let alone children.

We've all had similar nightmares, if not absolutely identical ones.

Doctor Who has been starting at 7:30pm, but now it's moving to the later time of 8:30pm, which means it won't finish until after 9pm. That's rather late if you've been running around all day causing chaos, traipsing mud through the house and refusing to eat your carrots

Surely this is nothing new, and Doctor Who has always been terrifying - otherwise, how would the tales of "hiding behind the sofa" have started? It could be that...

Visual horror such as that caused by the Daleks and the Cybermen (and those darn Weeping Angels) is one thing, but the psychological horror of playing on childhood fears over something lurking under your bed is a very different thing.
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