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Oct 27, 2014
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The first free unlimited cloud service in the world.

That?s a bold claim, so there are a few important things you need to know that make it stand apart from lots of other cloud services. Hive doesn?t offer syncing, and unlike other cloud services, other people can?t delete things from ?shared folders? ? they can only download.

For the privacy conscious: Hive is ad-supported, and reserves the right to screen your files, so look elsewhere for storing private files.

These things make Hive a good place to dump neat, innocent things for your friends and family to access, but not a good place for confidential, intimate, or work materials.

Getting Started With Hive

You can create a free account with Hive via email or with a social network. Hive asks that all users have a profile picture so it?s easier to identify your friends.

Uploading & Sharing

You can upload your files from a device or paste in a web link to files you want to add to your Hive. When the upload is complete, the file will be in your Transfer folder.

Its worth pointing out that you can add from torrents and magnet links under the weblinks section

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This is my hive link, for those want to network

you can alternatively just go direct to thier page here -
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