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Techie's Lounge How to Install Mikey1234 TV Add-On for XBMC


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Sep 10, 2014
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[h=2]How to Install Mikey1234 TV Add-On for XBMC[/h]
If you already have the XunityTalk repo installed you can go straight to that and install if from there.

1. Open XBMC

2. Select SYSTEM > File Manager

3. Select Add Source

4. Select None

5. Type in the source URL as shown below:
6. Press Done

7. Select 'Enter a name for this media source'

8. Give this source a name of your choice (eg.: xunitytalk as shown)

9. Select OK

10. Xunitytalk (or whatever you called it) is now in list of sources.

11. Go back to the home screen

12. Select SYSTEM > Settings

13. Select Add-ons

14. Select Install from zip file

15. Scroll down and select xunitytalk (or whatever you called it).

16. Select XunityTalk_Repository.zip and select OK

17. Wait for Add-On Enabled Notification

18. Select Get Add-ons

19. Select .XunityTalk Repository

20. Select Video Add-Ons

21. Select Mikey1234 TV XunityTalk.com

22. Select Install

23. Wait for Add-On Enabled Notification

24. You can now access the add-on through your home screen menu via:

VIDEO > Add-Ons

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