Techie's Lounge May have a few coins to invest in hobby in near future

Discussion in 'Techie's Lounge' started by Banny, Dec 1, 2015.

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    Looking for advice/opinion(s) really...

    May have enough to make a small investment into hobby/tech for my household.

    I am currently considering -
    1. Getting motorised dish fixed/retuned (priority)
    2. Getting a local card so I can share (otherwise not much point doing first item on list).
    3. Some tech whereas to run a server (C/s, maybe small web/file server)

    Point 3 is where I am looking for advice really, I am considering getting a raspberry pi2 and maybe a zero (due to low cost and other hardware would be needed for pi2 anyway so not much additional cost in one or more zero's).
    Also for server, was thinking maybe a HP Proliant (or maybe an old PC and get a cheap NAS Drive)?

    Anyway would welcome suggestions on this point and what others have and use?
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