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Other Image Skins - Please State MetrixHD_DE_remod Blu_Royal


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Oct 13, 2014
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MetrixHD_DE_remod Blu_Royal

To download please refer to the attached zip, file posted by Neo are inserted some files py that I modified to optimize the display of some lists with their backup, if you want them to know that could use busting viewing with other skins.
The version posted is not yet final 100%, but since very little was missing and Christmas is coming we decided to put it equally.
I plugged in a folder converter ClockToText.py modified to display the date in Italian.
I modified the plugin MyMetrix leaving only the configuration for the weather, so you can easily change the displayed city.
If then a programmer would want to waste a bit of time we would have to make a small change to always mymetrix also able to manage the change of color of the menu and lists within the skin, we would have to write only the part that goes to modify a string inside the .xml file.
In the coming days I will also create a file IPK to facilitate installation, thank Satrunner for useful guide for its creation.
Thanks to Neo that started this project, I will have given a simple stuccoed and painted, and clearly Imaxx, creator of this skin open.


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