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Ncam V 10.5


-[P-Vu] Added cw hash mode 34
-[dvbapi] SDT parsing optimizations
* The SDT filter is now stopped even if no service name or provide name is found. Previously, on FTA or B*SS channels, the SDT filter would run forever.
* The SDT is now used for getting the tsid and onid of the service (in case we haven't already receive them in the CA PMT).
* Duplicate info from the log is removed to keep it clean. The SDT information is only printed once.
* Removed some redundant chekcs from the SDT parsing function. They are already done in the caller function.
* Added more service types as "tv".
* The actual string parsing and supported character sets remained the same (still some eastern character sets are not supported).
-[dvbapi] Display service name when zapping
* If present in ncam.srvid or ncam.srvid2, the service name is displayed at channel zap (like it was done before the CA PMT rewrite).
-[dvbapi] CAT filtering optimizations * Separate CAT filter (starting and stopping) from EMM filtering.
* Stop CAT filter as soon as CAT is parsed, instead of letting it run forever. (Everytime we get a new channel, the CAT filter is restarted anyway).
* Split CAT parsing from CA descriptor parsing.
-[dvbapi] Cosmetics and minor optimizations
-[dvbapi] Added more PMT audio descriptors


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