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After installing Nemesis my Kodi has gone really buggy to the point where I can't create a Fresh build, install another build or even reset Kodi.

The only way I know to fix this is with a fresh BlackHole image.

Is there another way to fix this, like re-installing Kodi or ungrading Kodi to 1.7?


Maybe it set up wrong. for example, it boots Nemesis boots straight into the media player with a blank screen! Have to Exit twice to get to the main menu. But there are a lot of other issued too.

Thanks for your help. Is that folder in /media/hdd ? I have a folder called XMBC in there...


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It's a hidden directory. You will have to select 'show hidden files' to see it.

Think I'm confused as I thought Nemesis was a defunct plugin replaced by Exodus but it seems this is another repo outfit like TVAddons that 'make your life easier' by providing an all in one service for your Kodi. I have tried a few of these and they have all fecked my kodi up on both my receivers. I think the main issue with them is the skins as the E2 version doesn't seem to handle different skins well if at all.

TVaddons is the only one that works for me but the config installer adds too much stuff I don't want so I tend to prefer to add stuff individually.


Yeah it was one of those "builds" which caused the problem and thanks for the advice and help.

I really like the look of your OpenDonki image and see it has Kodi 17.1 plugin so I'm going to do a fresh install of that image, add Exodus on Kodi and then leave Kodi well alone :)
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