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Discussion in 'OpenLD Team VU+ Images' started by Ten Below, Sep 14, 2014.

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    OpenLD 1.4



    * Kernel: Depends on the model will be one version or another. (Modified and optimized Javilonas)
    * Enigma2: 04/23/2014 (Sources Own)
    * Open Source: and
    * Image: OpenLD - 23/04/2014
    * BusyBox: v1.19.4 (optimized for javilonas)
    * Drivers: The most current to date (depends on model will be one version or another)
    * Default Skin: MetrixHD
    * Webinterface: OpenWebif OWIF Version 0.2.7
    * Distro Version: 1.4 - OpenLD (no official test)
    * Expert mode enabled by default
    * New Bootlogo
    * Multiple changes in Enigma2
    * Updated terrestrial.xml
    * Updated satellites.xml
    * List Updated 04/23/2014 Astra 19.2E default-plugin-settings-defaultsatld/commits/master
    Kernel Optimized for high performance.
    * Optimized TCP connections / UDP (ipv4 / ipv6) Version 1.4 improves TCP / UDP
    * Re-structuring of the Blue Panel
    * Direct access to Blue Panel on menu
    * New EPG Import by Javilonas (7 days EPG) (Based on xmltvimport)
    * Added cron (RAM released every 5 hours)
    * Bug fixes in enigma2
    * New bootlogo
    * Added python-gdata
    * Added python-compression
    * Added python-imaging
    * Updated libraries, plugins, etc ...
    * Updated OpenSSL
    * Fixed BUG Heartbleed (CVE-2014-0160) in OpenSSL
    * Added OpenSSL cryptodev-linux_1.6
    * Updated Drivers Gigablue and Vu +
    * NFS, SAMBA, inadyn, ushare, cifs, ntfsprogs, minidlna, openvpn, etc ... (Optional) Eliminated in recipients of a single core.
    * Added python piconl by Lucifer file (It will allow us to add new skin from addons for display)
    * Fixed problem with Teletext
    * Fixed bug ccid
    * Fixed several problems with sound and ac3 +
    * Fixed problem Cronmanager (Fix predefined scripts)
    * Added more options / settings for smart1080p
    * Replaced by TCP_CONF_WESTWOOD TCP_CONF_CUBIC kernel.
    * Libcrypto-compat-0.9.8 default
    * Fixed splash and lcdspash
    * Added Spanish Language in MymetrixLite
    * Fixed problem in blue panel by pressing yellow button in dream models
    * More free flash memory
    * Autoscan off by default, now you decide.
    * Quite a few small changes and fixes bugs in different areas enigma2 + info on the github team.
    * Support for Dream Multimedia, Azbox, Medi @ Link, Gigablue, Vu + ( Pr ?ximamente more)
    * I will probably forget something, if so I'll add as I remember.
    This version dated 23/04/2014 is the final and OFFICIAL version if you have installed an earlier, please do clean install.


    Blue Button >> Blue Panel OpenLD
    Green button >> Plugins
    Green Button >> Green Button >> ADDONS
    Blue Button >> Red Button >> Services
    Yellow Button >> Configure Sound
    Red Button >> Electronic Program Guide


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