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Sep 10, 2014
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Pink Floyd Reveal Details Of New Album
The Endless River features reworked music recorded in the 1990s when member Rick Wright was still alive.

The cover image was designed by an 18-year-old Egyptian artist

Pink Floyd have announced the release of their first new album in over two decades by unveiling its artwork in surprise locations around the world.

The band have finished a selection of unreleased songs which were first started in the 1990s.

They have been compiled on The Endless River with images of the sleeve art displayed in cities such as London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan and Berlin.

The cover depicts a young man in an open shirt punting across a sea of clouds towards the glow of the sun, and was dreamt up by 18-year old Egyptian digital artist Ahmed Emad Eldin.

It is only the second Floyd cover which has not been produced by the late Storm Thorgerson - the other being their 1967 debut Piper At The Gates Of Dawn.

The group has revisited songs which were originally written and recorded by the trio of David Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason during the 1993 sessions for The Division Bell album, but have now been overhauled.
Keyboard player Wright died of cancer in 2008.

Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Rick Wright in 2005Guitarist Gilmour said: "We listened to over 20 hours of the three of us playing together and selected the music we wanted to work on for the new album.

"Over the last year we've added new parts, re-recorded others and generally harnessed studio technology to make a 21st century Pink Floyd album.

"With Rick gone, and with him the chance of ever doing it again, it feels right that these revisited and reworked tracks should be made available as part of our repertoire."

The 18 tracks are divided into four sides and it is mainly instrumental, apart from one track, Louder Than Words, with a lyric written by Gilmour's wife, Polly Samson.

The group has released a 30-second teaser clip of first track It's What We Do on a new website
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Drummer Mason said: "The Endless River is a tribute to Rick. I think this record is a good way of recognising a lot of what he does and how his playing was at the heart of the Pink Floyd sound. Listening back to the sessions, it really brought home to me what a special player he was."

The album will be released on November 10 in a range of formats.


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Sep 21, 2014
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Here is a complete track listing for The Endless River:

1. "Things Left Unsaid"
2. "It?s What We Do"
3. "Ebb and Flow"

1. "Sum"
2. "Skins"
3. "Unsung"
4. "Anisina"

1. "The Lost Art of Conversation"
2. "On Noodle Street
3. "Night Light"
4. "Allons-y (1)"
5. "Autumn?68"
6. "Allons-y (2)"
7. "Talkin? Hawkin'"

1. "Calling"
2. "Eyes To Pearls"
3. "Surfacing"
4. "Louder Than Words"
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