VU+ Plugins - System Plugin Sort Edited to run on OpenPli

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BH users wont need this as its part of the BH image,but this plugin is much desired by OpenPli users.

so ive downloaded the source files from the GitHub and edited them to run on OpenPli

manually install the plugin and restart enigma2.

now when you enter your plugins list,if you then press menu,you will be presented with another box containing the plugin sort options.
just select "enable move mode" for example then highlight the plugins that you wish to move,press ok and move them up and down the list to your desired position.

when done press exit.

thats it,your plugins are now reordered into exactly how you want them in your list.

Pluginsort can only be accessed by pressing the menu button once you have your plugin list displayed.

as usual ftp to /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/

send over pluginsort and chmod the folder to 755 and also the contents to 755 then restart enigma2


Credit to Ian from satpimps


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