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Powerboard-Image 6.0

URGENT - new pasword: powerboard
!!! URGENT ! Please do not copy settings from old image or use old backup !!!

- a brandnew Enigma2 with a bunch of more functions
- new menu-system
- brandnew boardskin with config
- actuell Kernel and Driversrelease
- GStreamer 1.11
- new Powerboard-Center
and a lot more...

23.10.2016 - 21.11.2016
switch to new build enviroment
update pb-center to v.7.0.0
update Estuary-Skin and Config to v1.6.1
update to gstreamer 1.11.0
update translation
...and a lot more...

22.11.2016 - 11.12.2016
update Estuary-Skin and Config to v2.0.6 and
insert new function / menüsystem
update to gstreamer 1.11.0 to last version
update translation
update enigma2
...and a lot more
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