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Has anyone heard of this company? Yesterday I recieved this via an email:-
Dear Customer,
Thank you for your order! Your order id is 9630713.
Your payment for upgrade to Premium account for 30 days on Rapidgator.Net has been accepted.
You have paid using MasterCard.
. You will see this transaction on your statement as wrpflasg ab

This is all double dutch to me and to my knowledge I have never used this company. Thanks to my Credit Card Company they are clearing things up and stopped all payments on said CC. I can fully recommend MBNA. They knew about this yesterday and sussed out the what was going on.

Any/all info appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Update about Rapidgator or Gratorwebsr as some of my CC statements show. So far, (but now the original CC is cancelled), £132+ over about 18 months. Sometimes £8.49 or £9.24 but it all depends who and where in China are/were taking the money.


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Agreed Ten. But I still do not know why, when I downloaded a piece of software, (for free), I would have given them my CC Number for not using their capacity or uploading any files. The most worrying thing is some of the names that withdrew money from the CC account, ie; WRPLFLASG AB JIADINGQU, GATORWEBSR BEIJING. etc; etc.

Well I will be more, NO! VERY CAREFULL next time.


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check if your details could have been compromised via other sites in the past -
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Thanks for the info Banny. That is the first thing I did. Saw the website in an article in Computer Active. Thanks to MBNA, (I would not have any other CC), all sussed out and OK now.
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