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Other Image Skins - Please State Read Before Posting - NO SUPPORT QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS HERE PLEASE

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Sep 10, 2014
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Before posting skins please try and also have some screenshots so people can get an idea if they will like the skin.

It will also make it more likely that people will download a skin.

IMPORTANT: There are specific sections for skins eg: VTi has sections specific for image versions. Please use these sections!

Please Post Images of all Skins Uploaded & in the correct section where possible. :ok:

Unless the skin is really well known posts with images will not only enable potential users to see what is on offer but are more likely to get users to look in the first place.


This section is intended for up/download ONLY!

Please post comments, questions or any other support type requests in the relevant support section of the forum.

Skins posted that do NOT include screenshots or information may be removed without notice.

Unless 'universal' ALL skins must be posted in the proper section with the proper PREFIX assigned. e.g. for a PLi skin use the OpenPLI prefix like so:

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