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Satellite TV News [Sat News] Former Avalon Bar in Glasgow fined over unlicensed sports

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Sep 9, 2014
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The operators of a Glasgow pub have been told to pay Sky more than £73,000 for illegally showing football matches.

The broadcaster was awarded the payout against the operator and manager of the former Avalon Bar, in Kent Road.

The ruling at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, which covers intellectual property cases, was for breach of copyright for unlicensed showing.

It was described by Sky's lawyers as the largest award ever made against a pub landlord in actions of this kind.

Alison Dolan, deputy managing director, Sky Business, said: "This landmark ruling demonstrates how seriously the courts treat copyright infringement and reiterates that Sky Sports can only be shown legally in pubs via a commercial agreement directly from Sky.

"Copyright infringement creates an uneven playing field for thousands of hardworking licensees who legitimately invest in Sky Sports, which is why we are committed to visiting thousands of pubs, as well as investigating suppliers, to protect our customers and ensure they are not left short-changed by illegal activity."

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