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Discussion in 'VU+ Plugins - Other' started by Ten Below, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Satscan by Hein Holz


    Hello people, I do not know if anyone can use this plugin. It searches a table of satellite frequencies and provides all transponders found in a bar graph. The X-axis shows the frequency in MHz, the Y-axis shows the SNR in dB . With the keys "<" and ">", a single transponder be selected are displayed for further technical data. The plugin runs with the tuner BCM4505, but should work with the BCM4506. because I do not know Python well enough, I have written the parts of the plugin that appeal to the tuner in C. A similar plugin I've already written for cable and DVB-T. Actually, this should be a spectrum analyzer. For this you have but to read both AGC register. Unfortunately that is secret unhappy The frequency table is in "usr / lib / enigma2 / python / Plugins / Extensions / Satscan". I have designed for Astra 19.2. If something changes with the transponders, which must also be changed in the table. There are only essential parameter in it. It is only important that the frequencies are entered in ascending order. Enjoy! Hein Wood

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