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Series Recorder v3.0.8 (29.10.2014)

Hi series fans : - )

the plugin offers you the function to take the reserved series permanently .

When you start the plugin series of wish - series planner lists , use this list to your settings and the timer ( images ) are created automatically .

Please first performs a " Channel Edit " ( YELLOW ) Press and edited by where your channels , with " OK", the transmitter can be selected . If at a series of stations earmarked still are " Not found " on no timer is created .

Function / control :

RED = This change its " only " the view between " All Shows " and " New Series " .
GREEN = Channel Edit ( Here your transmitter and the list will be listed from ) .
YELLOW = series marker ( Here you can edit the list of the marked series ) .
BLUE = Recorder List ( Here are all the timers listed ) .
OK = Add series to series markers .
MENU = Settings
EPG / INFO = Starts a manual search for new recordings on the basis of " Series Marker" .


1. Run " Channel Edit " and edit the station .
2. Add the series to the " marker series " with the " OK button" .
3. Press the " EPG / Info button " her through a car check , the timer will be listed in the " Recording List" .

The AutoCheck is of course every hour ( Adjustable ) running ( in the background ) .
Thx @einfall


Ten Below

Staff member
Series Recorder 3.2.2
Changes: The colors are no longer defined in the plugin, but are taken from the skin of the box support for UHD Skins Bugfixes: Cover be reloaded auto-update problems fixed on boxes with DreamOS No more crash when no longer log path Available key display now works correctly again


Ten Below

Staff member
Series recorder beta 4.1.3 beta

No more crashes in the Settings view
Fixed an issue with manual timers from the broadcast dates view.
If no more than one timer was allowed per episode, yet another timer created.
Deletion of entries from timer list improved.
If there were multiple entries for an episode, all entries for that episode were deleted, not just the selected one.
Now only the selected entry is actually deleted.


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