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Skin-CoolRedHD-Mod-By-RAED+TEST VU+

-Skin to (ACoolST) Thx
-I have modded to Drerambox OE2.0
-Added MS-Weather Widget
-Added and fixed WeatherPlugin
-Test On My DM 800HD -Test VU+
-test OpenPli 4.0,openSPA,openLD,openATV...(base image OpenPli) ok zvonko67
How to get your city weather:

1-Open Weather Plugin from Plugins brwoser 2-Press Memu from Keyboard 3-Press Green Button (Add) 4-Write you city name in (City) option 5-Click yellow buttons (Search Code) 6-Now select your city and press green button (ok) 7-Press green button (ok) again 8-Finish Exit from plugin bu pressing Exit button



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