Media Discussion Sony to launch internet TV service in the US this year

Discussion in 'Media Discussion' started by False Prophet, Sep 22, 2014.

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    Sony Computer Entertainment is aiming to launch an internet TV service in the US before the end of the year.

    CEO Andrew House told the Wall Street Journal that the firm is in talks with various content partners to provide programming for the platform.

    "A streaming-based approach needs to have a very wide funnel of devices, and that inherently means a broad and manufacturer-agnostic approach," he said.

    The internet TV service is expected to be compatible with hardware including the PlayStation 4, Vita, Sony Bravia TVs and the Xperia range of mobile devices.

    It was previously reported that Viacom are on board for the venture, potentially bringing content from its MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Comedy Central, VH1 and Spike channels.

    Sony is also rumoured to have held discussions with Disney, Time Warner and Showtime.
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