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UFO guitarist Vinnie Moore's Red Zone Rider are set to release their debut album this month.

Moore is joined by ex-MSG and Trans-Siberian Orchestra vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kelly Keeling and drummer Scot Coogan, who has previously played with Ace Frehley.

Their self-titled record will be released on September 15 via Magna Carta and they?ve launched a promo for the track By The Rainbow?s End. See it below.

Moore says: ?It?s a very interesting project ? I don?t think I?ve ever done anything quite like this. I got an email saying, ?How would you like to play with this bass player who?s also a great singer??

?I found out it was Kelly, who I knew was a great singer but I didn?t know he played bass and keyboards. Not only does he play bass and keyboards, he plays them both very well.?

Coogan adds: ?The first three songs were fairly easy because they were already ideas Vinnie had. Then after that we were like, ?Right, now what do we do??

?It was stressful but the outcome was great.?

Red Zone Rider tracklist

Hell No

By The Rainbow?s End

House Of Light

Cloud Of Dreams

Save It

Never Trust A Woman


The Hand That Feeds You

Hit The Road

There?s A Knowing
Count?s 77



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