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Techie's Lounge Vodafone to take over 140 Phones 4u stores, saving 900 jobs

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Sep 21, 2014
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Vodafone has revealed that it is buying 140 of Phones 4u's stores.

The move will see the stores rebranded and will save some 900 jobs.

"Vodafone UK today confirmed that it was approached by the Phones4u administrator and decided to make an offer to buy 140 of its stores as a way to accelerate our retail expansion programme and save hundreds of job," the company said in a statement.

"Our offer was accepted by the administrator and we are pleased to report that approximately 900 former Phones4u employees will keep their jobs and join our dynamic retail business.

"Subject to court approval, we will start engaging with these employees and begin the rebranding of the stores to Vodafone as soon as possible."

Dixons Carphone recently saved 800 jobs of those stationed in Currys and PC World in-store outlets, but some 4,500 employees from Phones 4u still hang in the balance.

Phones 4u entered administration on September 14, with its official website going dark the following day.

All existing contracts set up through the retailer have not been affected, but all pre-orders are being refunded in full.
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