Featured Custom / Unofficial Build VU+ Ipab.tv 1.3.6 (Custom OpenATV)

Discussion in 'Custom / Unofficial Image Builds' started by Aliraza63, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Ten Below

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    The fix has always worked on ATV so no idea why its not happening for you on this ATV based image, my own 6.2 build has narration turned off if you want to try it.
    OpenATV 6.2 Custom Build By Ten Below
  2. BestDecoder

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    Hi Maynard0 Have you read the instructions download - it's essential you check/carry out the updates on regular basis. Accessed through the red button - see what it says at bottom and if required update using yellow button only. HTH.
  3. Maynard0

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    Yea tried a few things, even asked on their forum with no such luck. Basically they haven’t updated the uno 4K firmware to fix this issue and never gave a time when they will. Went with Ten Below’s OpenaATV with no issue.

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